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Family of Five

Who We Are

Helping you, your spouse, and your children find greater happiness and live a more meaningful life.

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Family of Seven

Temperament Groups Starting Soon!

Discover how understanding temperaments will develop in us greater compassion and communication skills, equipping us to more effectively encourage, motivate and strengthen our spouse and children.

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Lenten Morning of Reflection

Don't miss this unique chance to step away for a quiet, prayerful morning to prepare your heart for Lent as we delve deeper into how attachment theory and compassion strengthen motherhood.

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Our Cana Experience


The impact of the program has been lifelong and has been a foundational piece of building up my personal faith life, as well as my family’s faith life.
- Paul
I always knew the Church is where I belonged but Cana was the seed, the answer book, the light, it revealed the true beauty of the Church and the significance of my vocation as wife and mother-no matter what the challenge would be.
- Michele

As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.

- St. John Paul II